Need to measure a structure for painting?

Streamline your business starting today! Receive all essential measurement data in a concise, easy-to-read PaintScope® report delivered straight to your inbox. Simply enter the address of the structure you wish to measure in the space below to begin the quick and easy PaintScope® measuring process that will save you time and money.

PaintScope measures the total surface of a structure’s siding, trim, railings, fascia and shutters. PaintScope is also available as a PaintScope Pro, which measures all the same assets as a PaintScope but excludes windows, doors and other features that might alter the measurements of a painted surface. PaintScope Pro is a more precise tool for gathering the exact amount of paint needed.

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95% Accuracy Guaranteed

Long gone are the days of showing up to a job site with too much or too little material, disagreeing with other parties over exact measurements or inconveniently providing unreliable estimates. Don't let inaccurate measurements hold you back from moving forward with your business. PaintScope®'s expert technicians combine top-notch education, field experience and feedback from customers to guarantee a 95% accuracy rate so that you can do your job without any measurement worries.